Summer is coming

Have a treatment with our Chiropodist / Podiatrist and prepare your feet for the summer. During the winter months we hide our feet away in heavy grip shoes and thick winter socks, the moisture in the air is also very low in winter months. A combination of these elements can lead to a build up of dead and dry skin on the feet especially around the heels. Without professional treatment it can be very difficult to treat underlying foot problems such as fungal infected nails, dry, cracked heels and verrucae viruses.

These conditions can be treated easily and effectively by our Chiropodist. Advice on individual Daily Foot Care Regimes is given to implement between appointments to optimise your treatment.

Practical suggestions to help prevent foot problems and provide treatments for common foot disorders.

We recommend you take the following actions to protect and preserve your feet:

  • Wash your feet daily and dry them thoroughly, not forgetting in between the toes.
  • Change your socks daily, making sure your socks are the correct size.
  • Cut nails across; this will help prevent in-growing toe nails.
  • Use a good quality foot file to file away dead, rough skin, especially around the heel area.
  • Moisturise the soles of your feet regularly. Avoid moisturising between the toes, though.
  • Wearing well supported shoes can help prevent foot disorders such as bunions and callus.
  • Avoid tight fitting shoes, as these can cause bruised toenails which can be very painful.
  • People who do regular work-outs are more likely to have blisters, corns, fungal infections and verrucae due to communal use of showers and splash walkways at sport facilities. We suggest you wear flip-flops in all wet areas.

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