Covid-19 Update 

 We are open and taking appointments

What are we doing to reduce the risk of infection?

To significantly help reduce infection and the spread of COVID-19 Milton Keynes Footcare Clinic has been redesigned with an infrared sanitisation station and a acrylic sneeze & cough screen between the Podiatrist and patient. We will also be wearing PPE whilst treating patients as recommended by Public Health England.

We will be measuring temperature of all of our patients as they enter.

We have removed the waiting area and will be staggering patient appointment times.

We will be allowing time in between each patient to allow us to disinfect the room.

What do we ask our patients to do to help reduce the risk of infection?

We ask you to sanitise your hands at our infrared sanitisation station when you arrive at the Clinic.

We ask our patients to wear a face mask or a suitable face covering. If you do not have a face covering, we will provide a face mask for £1.

We ask that you only come in to the clinic 2-3 minutes prior to your appointment.

We ask that you come on your own and only come with someone if you need a carer/chaperon (please let us know if this is the case prior to your appointment).

We ask our patients to not use our toilets.

If for whatever reason we are running late and there is a patient being seen, please wait outside.

We will be requesting your email address to send you an electronic consent form – please share these details as we are unable to provide paper consent forms when you arrive for your appointment.

If you are feeling unwell or self-isolating, please let us know as far in advance of your appointment as possible.

Please pay for your appointment by cash only – a zipped plastic wallet will be left for you.